Let's Talk About Sexism

January 22, 2018

​Youth Exchange “Let’s talk about Sexism" took place in Tbilisi, Georgia where 36 participants, from 6 different countries: Georgia, Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, Armenia and Croatia, were asked to discuss about sexism and share their/countries experience with each other.
On the first day project started with some ice-breaking games, which made us more comfortable and open, in the evening we explore Tbilisi’s urban areas and tried to discover some cultural differences/similarities which made our guests felt more assimilated with Georgian society.

​On the second day we started to discuss on the actual topic (which was sexism and gender inequality), we talked what difficulties we have in our countries and how activists and government try to change it, after a long discussions and some activities we finally had a conclusion that the way which we have to pass is hard but achievable. we also had visit in “Equality Movement” where we were given more information about human rights issues in Georgia, some find it similar for their countries and some could not believe that we had these kind of problems in a such hospitable country. (thanks to Mariam KVARATSKHELIA for hosting us).


Next day, participants were divided in 5 different groups and started shooting a video about the subject which they chose before, shooting process was funny and interesting and the same time, after 2 days of shooting and editing, we had public screening in "kiwi-café", next mission for us is to make these videos viral and spread them in the social medias














This project was supported under Erasmus+ KA1 Programme of the European Commission by the Dutch National Agency. The project was implemented by DRONI and CAAT Projects, which is based in the Netherlands. 





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