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April 5, 2018

From 10th till 18th of March two members of Youth Association Droni, Avtandil Vardiashvili and Mariam Eliashvili participated in a very educative training course , aiming to increase digital competencies of youth workers and leaders in the field of social campaigning and promotion. The Training Course " Make Yourself  Visible" took place in Ivancice,Czech Republic and gathered young activists from 12 countries, giving them opportunity to discover topic of social media and different online tools in order to face the challenges of the modern digital era. The project was  organised by "Stredisko volneho casu Ivancice" (CZ) and NGO “Academy of innovation” (RU).


 From the very beginning participants where introduced with the programme and objectives of the training course and its focus on development of  IT skills of youth workers and young people active in social field.


The first two days were very intensive with theoretical knowledge and discussions about different social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and the ways of leading campaings on each of it.Then later trainers started introduction of  tools for the creation of different materials important for online visibility like posters, infographics, mind maps,presentations and even some steps in blog and web-site creation.





Participants also learned some useful techniques of "Scribing",  "Graphic Facilitation"  and  "Doodling".


The knowldege gained through this sessions participants trasformed into their own initiatives - someone decided to make posters,other created infographics and  presentation,even several of groups shooted stop motion animations with powerful messages.At the same time was created blog of the training course itself ,which hopefully will increase in future with all the materials created during the course.

 “Make yourself visible” gave a lot of knowledge and useful skills for every participant,enriching their personal and professional life with lots of new tools which make their work in  social media more effective. The most important thing is that this project sent very right message : “If you’re not present online, you’re not present anywhere” - it became kind of a motto of the course,which every participant should remember and spread back home.


The atmosphere and mood of the course you can witness in this video,created by two participants of the project.



Here are the tools ,which where presented and actively used during the training course.




infographic and  presentation : Piktochart , Infogram , Slides , Visme .






posters & banners: Canva , Fotojet , Crello .







newsletter organasing: MailChimp , Hootsuite .






animated video edition: Sparkol , VideoScribe .




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