Lost in the Pyrenees

April 5, 2018


Rock the mountains 2 is a project which brought together young musicians from Georgia, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Ireland in a beautiful panoramic region of Organyà, Catalunya. Our host for 10 days was -Associació Pirineus Creatius. This out of this world experience forever changed the lives of 30 people from all around the globe.









I will never never be able to fully express what RTM2 gave us and me personally. As one of my friends said, it was the only place on earth where you could just sit in a corner singing silly notes for yourself or making any weird noise and literally in 5 minutes you would’ve had perfectly improvised song with all kinds of instruments, harmonized voices and even beat-box.


Organyà is definitely a heaven on earth. Its like, the place is hidden from the rest of the world. You can not feel any problems of today’s society there. We did not. Locals are so welcoming and accepting. They showed us unimaginable amount of kindness during the whole stay. They didn’t even know us and still invited into their homes, taught traditional dances and songs, shared love. In Organyà I truly felt and understood the meaning of the saying that music is a language the whole world speaks. Some people who we met didn’t speak English at all, but still we had the best time and made the best memories possible. No words were necessary among us, what we felt needed more than words.


 I was blessed enough to witness how people with different personalities and backgrounds, from bunch of musicians slowly became a group which turned into family. We did activities where we really needed to fully feel each other. At the beginning it was a bit hard, as we got messed up a lot of times, but we kept working, encouraging one another and at the end it got as easy as a breathing. It was like, our hearts were beating in the same rhythm. I have never experienced that level of support from people I have known for a week or something. There were points where I had doubts about myself, especially before the actual concert. I felt really down, but the minute this feeling hit me, there were amazing human beings to lift me up and make me feel instantly better, more confident. The amount of love and kindness we shared with each other is priceless.


Finally, we had the concert which was attended by locals. I guess a lot of people would think it was the best day from the project, but no – every single day that we had was beyond what anyone can imagine. The nerves hit me so hard at the concert, as I am not used to being on stage, but the second I looked at my family I felt support, I knew they had my back. We had so much fun at the show. It was pre-last evening so we did make the most out of it, tried to enjoy every single second and engrave the images in our minds.


What we found in Pyrenees is something special. It will always be with us. It is something that 30 human beings from around the world have tattooed in their hearts. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a member of incredible family of Rock The Mountains 2. Thank you to everyone who was apart of it.







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