April 8, 2018



Bom Dia! 
I'm Nika, a student from Tbilisi and member of Youth Association DRONI, Currently doing my EVS on Madeira island. I would never imagine that life could be changed so radically in one day until I received an e-mail that I got chosen for EVS in Portugal. Living on an island for 9 months and working on art & creative design? that might have only happened in my best dreams.So I can easily say that I appeared in a parallel world.

It's been almost 4 months since I arrived and I feel like I already spent more than a year here. My particular project is environmental and aims to raise awareness of recycling, climate changing and best ecological practices.


We work on cans, thousands of them. Basically, our working day consists of collecting, washing, cutting and preparing cans to reuse them later for artistic purposes. But that's not all, we've got some other ideas for our final installations. Don't wanna reveal a surprise, so let's just wait for the result.Yes, we are quite ambitious!

Apart from my project, I try to help the organisation with its activities such as workshops, different kind of events, promotional meetings about Erasmus+ in the schools, campaigns.. as well as tasks on a daily basis, like office work, video-editing, poster-designing, etc.



What can I say about Madeira? It's thrilling, magnificent and always surprising. Life is easy here. Our enjoyment of life depends on our ability to live in the moment, so that's what people do here, they are cheerful all the time and wherever you go you feel that positive vibe, maybe Poncha also helps with that)). I'm lucky to be surrounded by such amazing and wonderful people, that are always supportive, even when I mess up or just complain about everything.


There are so many places to visit, so many things to do, that sometimes I think 9 months aren't even enough to fully explore the island and get to know people, their habits and learn more about cultural differences.
Living on my own has made me grow up a lot, I started thinking in a different way, managing my time and budget, changed attitudes and views on many topics, improved my skills or gained new ones (e.g. cooking! which I never did before).I feel like I have become braver to express my opinions and speak out.Have some troubles learning Portuguese and understanding locals, as they speak at full speed, but it's okay there are still 5 more months to go, much more to explore and even more to learn.

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