Is that it? - No Hate

April 19, 2018


No Hate Speech Movement Campaign by Council of Europe finished. European Youth Center in Strasbourg hosted the Evaluation Conference and inviting national committee coordinators, partner organisations and online activists involved in the campaign.



The conference gave chance to evaluate the achievements and challenges, developed plans and recommendations for Council of Europe, Committee of Ministries, Member states and civil society.  



According to the conference conclusion, the campaign has been a stark reminder that the crisis of human rights in Europe is real and impacts negatively on the lives and aspirations of many young people. 



It is important to denounce, address and combat discrimination and hate speech in all their forms, regardless of who is targeted. There are no acceptable forms of hate speech. The European campaign has come to an end, but the movement for human rights online must continue.



Hate speech is not a thing of the past; it is as dangerous as ever. We remain active, vigilant and committed to keeping the movement for human rights online alive, relevant and youthful.


 The Georgian Committee was represented by Gubaz KOBERIDZE (Human Rights Association) and Nika BAKHSOLIANI (Youth Association DRONI). 


Youth Association DRONI will continue its efforts against hate speech and for human rights as it's one of the most important priorities.



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