All we are one!!!

July 5, 2018

                         All we are one ?! 






1.2.3. I cross Turkish border with a Georgian team - eager to destroy stereotypes. ,, All we are one “- this is the topic of our project, but are we really one? I still have questions about it. I


wear a short dress, have a blonde hair, I am praying when I need the god, my morning starts with lime water. There are women, who wear scarves, hide their hair, pray five  times a day and their morning starts with an aromatic Turkish tea…


I also think about my team members, they are - so beautiful, feeling free, laughing loudly... we have to be more restraint there ... One more thing that makes me excited is the meeting between Azeri and Armenian participants. I have never seen them in the same space before ... so many thoughts…I started  counting again. 1,2,3...







Besikduzu is a small town of Trabzon Province. It is a quiet and beautiful town. The project started here with ,, Ice-break “ exercise . Some names are hard to pronounce, because we don’t have some letters (or sounds) in our own alphabet. We still try to say names correctly, treat to each other properly and temporarily forget that we are all with different cultural backgrounds and just here just now, be all one… 




                   Do you have a time ? 


Do you have time? At first sight you might think that it is an easy question, but it is not true. Let’s look: if someone asks if you have time tomorrow at 3:00, and you say -yes, you will have meeting and a little time to talk. But sometimes it happens that you have time,  but another person is already busy or on the contrary, someone has time, and you don’t... It is the same in our lives, isn’t it?! With your answer you give (or do not) to another person an opportunity to meet and know you better. Everything depends on your answer to an easy question. : do you have time?




           Cultural nights !




1.2.3. This is my country! Cultural outreach started. Firstly, Turkish team presented their country. Then Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Estonia. We are all trying to present our countries with its best, with national garments, dances, we are offering each other Churchkhela, cognac, wine, Sujuk ... we invite each other in our countries, we love each other and the borders among us is diminishing …but still we are not all  one.



        Fatma Abla and Kadar Abla 


It is special pleasant to drink tea with those beautiful women in the evening. This is the first time when Muslim women are so close to me. I could never imagine that these women are so free and happy under the scarf. I see strong soul in them, I notice how good and loving mums and wives they are. They are hiding their hair, but not the heart and they spread love around them.   They told me that my name must be Zahra, instead of Tamtuka. Coz its meaning suits me better, who  knows ...



                   Tamtuka  or Zahra  ?


We have got a task – to make a short movie  about stereotypes, identifying  and breaking them. Tamtuka, think ! Who would I be if I was really Zahra instead of Tamtuka? 1.2.3. I started counting. I closed my eyes and imagine what kind of mum, friend or wife I would be? How would I be able to express and share love ? I was thinking about myself as  Zahra and then found an answer. I would be absolutely the  same as I am now. The only difference would be the praying style. The idea came to my mind, we decided on characters. I would be a Muslim woman, Liza- Christian, Luka- her husband, Mariamiko and Nino - friends, Tamo and Gvantsa – a film director and an editor. We started shooting. For more accuracy, I have chosen the most handsome Turkish boy as my husband . Plot was as follows : He has to smoke nargile, I have to prepare tea for him. Before I bring tea, I looked nicely at  my ,,husband” and I noticed that  he is not  just a handsome guy, he is the most handsome guy, which I have ever met … Well done. The scene is taken. 1.2.3. The movie is on screen. We got applause.




             All we are one !!! 




        The project is over. It’s time to say goodbye to Besikduzu and to these beautiful people here. Azeri and Armenians planned a meeting in Georgia. I have got a clue, all we are one !!!! all we are one !!! We all love and feel in the same way, the only difference is how we refer to the God .



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