Intro: No Hate Bootcamp

July 20, 2018






Here we are!



The training course No Hate Bootcamp has now officially launched in Belgium. The project aims to train youth workers from 9 different countries (Armenia, Belgium, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Russia, Portugal) as No Hate Speech Ambassadors in order to raise the efficiency of the local/international activities against hate speech and discrimination in all its forms.


The team is quite large - consisting 30 people with a broad spectrum of connections to human rights education, activism and working with the youngsters. We even have a participant who's an ARTivist and uses performing art as a tool to promote human rights (!)



Joyful unny and hazardous games were used to break the ice and build trust among each other. People managed to untangle the most tangled circle ever and fly like the tree leaves. With the help of one each other. Indeed.



Simulation of our favorite TV Show from the late 90s' Who Wants To Be A Millionaire gave a space to discussions about the project vocabulary. Terms like Empowerment, Misogyny, Advocacy, Assimilation, LGBTQUAP+ Community, Affirmative Action and many others were deeply examined. 



Helping our trainer Emilia, the group had a chance to get to know with the concept of experiential learning and it's usage in the human rights education. She introduced an activity called Take A Step Forward, where everyone took on roles and moved forward depending on their chances and opportunities in life. The session made us realize once again, that we are all equal, but some are more equal than others. 





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