Action Day. This Is Just The Beginning

July 27, 2018




#NoHateBootcamp is all about boosting creativity, courage, knowledge, a bit of weirdness and other super powerful tools in order to spread the principles of equal human rights and human dignity, democratic citizenship, critical consciousness  and importance of combating hate speech online/offline through multiple channels.




Theoretical part has been finished. This time we turned our ideas, perspectives and messages into specific actions.




here we go! Local Actions Day!




A Very special day was chosen for the local actions implementation. More exactly, 22nd of July which is European Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime. 

Entire BootCamp was split into several groups according to their preferable way of self-expression. Therefore, we had groups of:

1) Video
2) Podcast
3) Picture
4) Movie Poetry
5) Flashmob


You got it right. Using different types of artistic expressions, merging various channels of communication and working in team made up by people with diverse backgrounds was the strategy behind our #NoHate campaign, which is still going on.



To see the outputs of the #NoHateBootCamp, press here




We understand that's not enough. 12 follow up projects/activities will be conducted during the intermediary phase by our No Hate #Ambassadors.



Take a look at this #NoHateWorldMap, showing those upcoming projects that will be held in Armenia, Moldova, Italy, Portugal, Georgia, Ukraine, Belgium, Poland and Finland. Each activity will be conducting in the frames of youth work and human rights education with the aim of combating hate speech. 




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