Silence before the storm!

September 15, 2018

“The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason to remain ashore.” – Vincent Van Gogh.



Hiking can be difficult at times but it's all worth the effort in the end. it’s the whole package the beginning, the journey and the destination all make it one of the best things ever.

This day started off a for me as I made my way down the stairs to eat breakfast, I ran into a lost Croat trying to find the rest of his team, he had arrived late.

Once everyone had finally arrived and found their respective teams we had the first official meeting for the project where we laid down some basic rules and got down to team building. It was pretty straight forward, although it did take me awhile to start trusting total strangers whom I met a few hours earlier. The weather was nice and bright, and people were enjoying themselves and learning to trust in the team.

At lunch some of us decided to take a walk to the city centre of Bakuriani, as we had some time till the next exercise, to explore it and buy some provisions for the next days. We met an old south African lady who told us about her experiences in Georgia and we managed to get back to the hotel just in time for the start of the next exercise.

This involved a little walk into the forest and then we were split into 2 groups, the first task for my group was balancing in pairs on a slack-line. This enabled us to let go of control and trust our partners a lot more. At the end of the exercise none of us made it to the end but all of us did far better than we had anticipated. The second exercise involved the whole group being put through some loops from one side to the other and this really showed how the group dynamic worked. After some initial chaos people started listening and trusting each other and we did manage to finish the task in overtime.

Everyone was jubilant about the fact that both groups had succeeded, and we made our way back to the hotel and to dinner. The euphoria didn’t last long as we found out from the group leaders that the whole hike had to be planned and managed by us, as a team, and that we had one night to do it.

People divided themselves into 3 primary teams, Food, Material and Planning.

The planning team had the most on their head as they had to plan the route without much information. There was confusion as some people had never hiked before and it was evident it was going to be a very tricky situation to handle.  But one thing we had learned to do over the day was to trust each other and it was evident that the lesson had rubbed on each and everyone of us. It was going to be a challenge but we were prepared to face it, together.


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