September 26, 2018

On day 7 we all woke up knowing that this was the last day we would wake up amidst the trees, this was a fantastic yet sad realization. I think this morning was the morning when everyone truly realized that living in the forest really wasn't that bad. When everyone had eaten breakfast and done the most necessary stuff we gather around the bonfire area and started up on some tasks involving selfrealazation and role placement. Everyone where to try and find their role in this group we had formed and what purpose they had thru this trip.



When everyone had found out where they most thought they fit we tried to have each of the personalities group up with corresponding personalities and work together to create a little miniature version of our camp. some personality groups did better than others but ultimately we realized that we all need each other and that we work best when we have a mix of all personalities. After this we finished taking down the camp and did some last group building exercises, it was a last goodbye to the forest and our trial. Then we went back to Bakuriani with buss and i might have been the most relaxing bus trip we have ever had, i don't think i have ever seen anyone enjoy a bus ride this much. When we got back to the ski resort we were sleeping at we packed out our stuff and took a shower, a shower so good it might be the closest i have ever been to haven. After this we ate some very good food and most of the day went to thinking back on what we had done and talking about all the fun stuff that had happened. Time passed by rather fast and before i knew it we all had a beer in and one of the best nights of my life had started. Lastly but definitely worth mentioning was when it was time to go to sleep, i mean, im sure everyone had been looking forwards to that, personally i don't think i have ever fallen asleep as fast as i did that day.


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