No Hate - ФУТУРЕ - Study Session in Strasbourg

October 11, 2018


European Youth Center hosts the first wave of "Uncoordinated" activists of No Hate Speech Movement. 


In April at the closing ceremony of No Hate Speech Movement Campaign - Council of Europe has exited coordination, however has remained a great supporter of the activists and the organisations involved in the campaign.

This study session was one of the examples - study session is a good opportunity for the networks or the groups of organisations who want to explore burning matters in youth work, human rights and participation at European Youth Center in Strasbourg or Budapest.


This study session  was dedicated to making the manual of "WeCAN!" more accessible to youth work. Some of great outputs were worked out, which we will share later.



At the end, participants created a giant timeline of action plan - counter and alternative narratives, educational tools, activities, piloting methodologies and creating new projects.


The issue of hate speech remains here, even after the campaign, therefore we are urged to work further for the mission to combat it.









 This was the long night of discussions of the future of the No Hate Speech Movement - the Study Session was a good chance to discuss this issue. Finally, we came-up with the idea to create a call for an initiative group which will establish an inclusive and transparent legal entity. 


DRONI was represented by Nika BAKHSOLIANI and Tiko NADIRASHVILI.





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