13 BootCamps For ONE Purpose

October 15, 2018


And finally, it happened!




The last phase of No Hate Bootcamp took place in the village of Misaktsieli, Georgia. 26 no hate ambassadors from 9 different countries united again for two main reasons: sharing the results of their interphase activities and to launch CAN LAB, a pilot activity about making emancipatory narratives against oppressive narratives which were drafted during a study session in Strasbourg.


Let's have a small tour to all the countries where intermediate phase activities happened! 



Girls from Poland took the task really seriously and decided to implement the outcomes of the first phase through educational activities! Teresa Konecka hosted private lessons for children and teenagers in schools and courtyards on the topic of hate speech and bullying in schools, cyber violence in young people. Her target group was Children and youngsters aged between 6-18. Training about cyber violence prevention and methods of work for youth workers also took place in Poland. It was facilitator by Karolina Pyzik and aimed internet hate speech deconstruction on basis of polish cases and sorts of hate speech on the internet (flaming, sexting, cyber prostitution etc).

 Two campaigns were started in Belgium at the same time. One of them, coordinated by Belgium-based poet and a filmmaker, Marina Kazakova started Information and Awareness Campaign #KnowHate by planning the action against hate speech through alternative narratives. Marina's target group is managers of cultural venues, squats, movements, artists, journalists, poets and young activists aged between 18-45. She involved 50 people until now and the campaign is still on-going. During her campaign, she worked with our another ambassador in Belgium - Joost. 
Joost created a fictional character - Tommy the Hate Peach and started the Instagram campaign - daily posts from Tommy.




Caroline Stene and Ali Hamza Ahmed from Norway made a podcast about Black Norwegians. The issue they tried to address was Xenophobia and Islamophobia in Norway. Ali and Caroline were working for 3 days and reached more than 500 people with their podcast so far!


Eva Mocanu from Moldova combined en educational activity and art lab with kids. She conducted a session with children about the topic of human rights. Later, she interviewed them, asked what human rights mean for each of them. As a response, kids had to draw human rights.  Eva printed the paintings on the handbags and spread them.



Marcela Trifan facilitated an open space, workshop and flash mob corresponding to International Youth Day in Moldova with youngsters. At the same time, Dolores Forgione in Italy conducted a training workshop for the public influences (Journalists, bloggers, video makers) on the topic of hate speech online. 




Arpine Kostayan, Liana Ohanyan, and Vahe Hovhannisyan started an information and awareness campaign on human rights, the No Hate Speech Movement and Women's Rights. 

Two different activities were held in Georgia. One of the groups conducted a training workshop about xenophobia and racism in Georgia.




Irakli Khekhelashvili was working alone and online. His activity was Online activism in social media promoting liberal ideas in Georgian web space. issue: Hate Speech Online, Lgbt rights, freedom of religion, free speech. Target group: Young Georgian Facebook users 
Audience Reach: 250000 users


Nice try, right?

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