Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land ?

October 28, 2018


We all remember the  fatal question from Grimm’s fairy tale...Because of this question the snow white was  lying in  a crystal coffin and no one knows what  would the end of this story be like unless prince’s magic  kiss …

 We all started to hate  an  Evil Queen  and never thought why the queen needed to be the  fairest. What would  happen if she liked herself ,her appearance? Would she have time for wood walks or poisoning an apple?    



When we  look in the mirror, have we  ever wondered why we need a nicer nose or a thinner  silhouette? Why are we more confident when we wear a Burberry dress and why  we need a ,, confirmation '’   from others that we are really beautiful or attractive ?  Or the worst, sometimes we need even more,  we need others to consider us not only beautiful but the most beautiful , not only attractive but the most attractive … What would happen,  if we didn't think too much about ,,The most epithets '’ and just be happy to see ourselves as we are ? To get  answers to these questions  I went in Lithuania  and join some Georgians, Portuguese, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Dutches , who   gathered for self-awareness training  which was  organized by Milzinu Lizdas.


  The training took place in Gruzdiai, Lithuania, one of the most  eco-friendly village. When you see mermals deer  10 meters from you and  you are  part of the   nature harmony , the mirrors are forgotten. For a while...     














What are the  main words that can describe our personality in the best way ? And in general, when we talk about ourselves, do we show ourselves with the most relevant description or do we select words to get more attention from others ?   After  talking  about ourselves in a face to face conversation we were  about to ask the listener -   Please admit my greatness  and  I will be more confident in front of the mirror tomorrow… please, please, please …. 







           There are facts about us , which we  want to share with others ; but there are some -which we don't want to... but, somehow  they already know them and there are still facts, which we do not know about ourselves yet. From the beginning ye… we choose magnificent words when we were describing our ,,facts’’ but then we let the cat out of the bag  and  told our stories and talked about every hidden emotions and pain   openly to one another a lot...Also we talked to ourselves a lot …   and finally we started to  realize that there is not a good or a bad past, there is not a spicy or a sweet past, there is not a white or a black past, there is not only one side in the mirror... The training finished, but talking more  and getting to know  ourselves  better started...     





Finally, I got that we are much more than just one of our  stories, much more than  standards of  beauty or  success of the memories. It’s all about our sweet-bitter and black-and-white past and we do not need  confirmations  from others, because   the best version of us is looking at us from the mirror….           


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