Circus for Equality in Udabno

November 10, 2018


Looking back at my EVS experience I would describe it as a significant chapter of my lifetime. From the very beginning it took a load of courage to leave my everyday routine which I was quite comfortable with and make the first steps towards an unknown and hopefully nice 6 weeks in a place I have never been before and I’m not much familiar with. It felt like buying a lot with, to trust and surrender at the same time. Suddenly I found out I can and I must make it on my own.



New environment demanded for a new balance. Well I took this opportunity with all my consciousness and felt like getting reborn. I felt a powerful desire to explore every little thing around and the way it works including my new home, my flat mates, our neighbors and their dog, the locals, the city, my new job and myself balancing on this tightened rope.

So many new impulses emerging around. One of these was the volunteering itself. I found myself stuck and unable to make any plan or even to ask for a help. Drinking this cocktail of crazy emotions and getting aware of its taste, eventually I decided to mix my own and so I set on the journey.



Our working group was mainly focused to work in a village Udabno. We had this huge aim to build up a connection between our group of international volunteers and Udabno citizens, to enrich ourselves meeting each other and to have a great pleasure from this process. First we organized a picnic afternoon in Udabno when we met with the local youngsters and got to know each other and our needs.












The project was supported by European Commission Programme Erasmus+.






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