Dignityland on the seaside

November 23, 2018


How does a black sea climate fuse with human rights? 

The answer is "Mainstreaming Dignity"  - a training for trainers in Kobuleti on the  topic of human rights education.

Middle of September has been quite active for DRONI, we participated and organised 8 days of human rights education with 34 dedicated professionals working with young people. 

"Mainstreaming Dignity" gathered youth workers from 11 different countries - Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Moldova, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Estonia to receive the pedagogical and peer tools of human rights education and to explore and initiate innovative practices to tackle challenges with activism and education.


 What's the role of a youth worker to address the issues connected to human rights that young people are facing? 

The answer is education - youth work should ensure the active participation of young people in the civil society. It's the role of a youth worker to develop the consciousness and values of democracy and human rights in young people. This were there main principles that we have underpinned our work in Kobuleti. Here's Matiej from Poland to tell you in short the youth worker's role.



First part of the programme was dedicated on human rights - what are the general concepts, what human rights affect young people in our communities directly, or which ones do not, but should - what are the issues and challenges that we are facing and how can we contribute to solving them as youth workers. We used "Problem Tree" methodology to analyse and share those challenges.



Next, we explored the fundamentals and general principles of human rights education. First, got the knowledge and then put everything into practice and action by organising the workshops for each other. We either could use "Compass" and adapt the activities from it, or create brand new educational outputs.



In the end we had hands-on experience with running human rights education activities. Now it's our turn to bring it to our organisations and young people there.



This activity was made possible with the support of the German National Agency - Jugend für Europe within the EU programme Erasmus+


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