Engage in European volunteer service, I think is one of the best decision that I have recently received. To describe briefly my everyday activities, it looks like this: The most important part of the experience of living in the other country is that essential environment, which will be a considerable supporter for all of your future successful activities.




As a volunteer, I work in the most magical and smartest facility in the city for all the children and adolescents. Together with a very creative and hardworking team, I try to take part in the daily activities that we offer to children and adults.


Such as: getting closer to the books through reading tales, preparing workshops on various interesting topics of the little ones, where we all learn with activities. Also, Basic Computer Skills Courses for Adult and Learning of Georgian Culture within the Cultural Weeks for interested audiences and weekly meetings within the English language speaking courses.


As for the technical issues, I use the past experiences related to providing the library's official page with video and photo content. Also, Polish language courses have an important role for me, so I’m becoming very serious at this point. I speak to the local people in their native language as a right form of communication with them. In the beginning, the attention of conversation is very naturally approached which makes me closer to local culture too.




Friends I've bought during these three months are also crucial to me. During the exchange of information, we learn from each other completely different habits, traditions, and culture. I have planned a very active month already filled with a lot of interesting and cognitive activity and theatrical performances. Every month I’m becoming more and more convinced that I am doing the necessary work at the necessary place for self-development and offering a small novelty for local culture.


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