CAUCAN - Factory Producing Activists Is ON!

March 25, 2019


#CAUCAN! has officially taken its ambitious path from now on.



The project, basically, aims to produce professional human rights activists who will be fully equipped to take action against violent extremism, hate speech, anti-western propaganda through human rights education, education for democratic citizenship, media education and literacy and counter and alternative narratives.


Yep, it's a Factory.


Representatives of DRONI, CAAT Projects, Institut International des droits de l'Homme et de la paix, Youth Initiatives Centre Gyumri, Be International and Common SenseaNotably, representatives from all Erasmus + Info Centres from the South Caucasus region gathered in Tbilisi at our office for the kick-off meeting. Guess what! We have included all Caucasus Erasmus + info centres as partners here.




The roles were divided, the time-frame and agenda was drafted, looking forward to having the next step - training course!

This will happen in Tbilisi, where participants will gain lotsa knowledge about human rights, hate speech and producing emancipatory narratives. It will recruit senior and junior trainers, youth leaders and youth workers.


Do not forget that the youth workers who will partake in CAUCAN, will have an opportunity (and also obligation) to attend three fellowships in EU civil Society Organisations, where they will shadow the work of the core teams.


Use hashtag #CAUCAN and get updated!








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