Volunteering diary from Tervel!

April 3, 2019

My name is Maia Evsia and I’m from Georgia, I’m doing my EVS project in Tervel, Bulgaria. My EVS project is during 12 months, end of April I will finish and will back in my country. I’m working Board School Organization "Docho Mihaylov" and two kindergarten in small town Tervel. The first month of adaptation was very difficult because I lived in small town where everyone knows you but you don’t know no one and don’t understand language. After some month situation changed, when I start to contact with them. I was so happy because they liked communicating with me, talking about me, my country, etc.




My responsibility was working with young people at school:

  • Working with youth clubs, informal language course in English to improve language skills of young people;

  • Voluntary and promotion campaigns, Creative activities with the English language

  • Participation in organizing cultural activities and events;

  • Participation in trainings on various issues;

  • Organizing voluntary campaigns, Own activities and projects.





I wanted to communicate with students who didn’t know English, so I began to learn host country’s language (Bulgarian language) at the beginning it was difficult to communicate with students and generally with local population.

I started using the online language course and tried to have contact with most students because I learned new words from them, I listened to songs in Bulgarian language and sometimes I was watching movies.

Everything together helped me to start to talk, write and read and it was so important for my work. During the project I learned new language, about new country, how to make presentation in front of people, how can I travel alone, how to work in emergency situation. All this will make the next stages in my life easier because I want to work with youth people.




I’m so happy because I have chosen the right way and right project, with amazing people in one small town where I’m living 11 month and I feel like my second home, everyone cares about volunteers, we are helping people but we are taking a lot of attention and love from them. I want to say to everyone EVS is amazing chance to change your life, learn something new, travel and find answer about a lot of questions.





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