Take A Step Forward

June 19, 2019




You are a 17-year-old Roma girl who never finished primary school.


We were playing a role game Take A Step Forward (From "Compass") last year and this was a role, written on a small piece of paper, given to one of the trainees who did not speak fluent English. If you haven't heard of this role-play yet, Take A Step Forward is an activity, in which participants take on roles and move forward depending on their chances and opportunities in life.

So, this role was given to one of the participants and she didn't know that Roma is the name of a community, known for her as 'Gypsy' .

Therefore, she decided it's a 17-year-old Girl from Rome, who has not yet finished the primary school. Therefore, she would take a step forward after hearing the facilitator giving situations and events like: 
- You have decent housing with a telephone and television, 
- You are not afraid of being stopped by the police, 
- You can participate in an international seminar abroad, 
- You have never felt discriminated against because of your origin et cetera. 


This girl pioneered and stood the first in the line with the other participant, who had a role of a daughter of the American ambassador. 

In the end of the activity, after revealing each and everyone's roles, facilitator told this participant she's not a 17-year-old girl from Rome but a Roma girl, who could never finish the primary school. The girl firstly, laughed at her mistake, then she stood back and back and back in the end of the rows. Then she mumbled: 'Damn. That makes a difference'.


In math inequality means the relation between two expressions that are not equal, employing a sign such as ≠ ‘not equal to’. Social inequality is an area on the distribution of goods and burdens in society. A good can be, for example, income, education, employment or parental leave, while examples of burdens are substance abuse, criminality, unemployment and marginalisation.


All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others <3


We just had Take A Step Forward in Rustavi, at #CAUCAN and the last in the row was John - 'a girl whose parent has a diagnosis of autism.' We asked John why would he stand in the last row and not take even one step forward. He said he does not know what this diagnosis means, but it sounds scary and likely something that would exclude him from everything mentioned. 




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