Video Games for HRE, Mafia Night, Fake News and So Much More

June 22, 2019

Yesterday, #CAUCAN participants shared their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the group. Everyone was free to give an input or discuss whatever they wanted and this is what made our Open Space super cool.



Julieta invited people to learn 5 languages in half an hour.

Ok, kidding, just the common phrases, however, people had to start talking right there with each other starting from something as important as 'Oh, hi, and thank you!'

Sara and Maxime brought Mafia Night to a whole new level through implementing HRE principles into it. The game put a spotlight on the power balance, politics and authorities interacting with the civilians.
Sohr John gave an amazing input about Africa - which is not a country.

Jonas is working on his Master thesis on how gay players are accepted in professional basketball in Czechia. He compared the definitions of homosexuality by American Psychological Association, which was changing throughout 1880-1990.

Marketa explored the role of video games in activism and discussed examples of games which have political meaning like iPhone Game, Gaza Hero and This War of Mine. Those ones reflect on political situations in different countries and gives an opportunity to the gamers to partake in.

Solenn and Jeanne focused on Fake News and its role in making up people's mind, spreading narratives and setting political agenda.



Check out our daily blog, more news about Fact checking, Counter and Alternative narratives and more importantly, the workshops that will be conducted tomorrow in the frame of Human Rights Education is coming! #CAUCAN

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