People Who No One Remembers and Other Heroines

June 24, 2019


Non-formal education is all about learning-by-doing, so participants of #CAUCAN were pushed to develop their own workshops but in the framework of human rights education and non-formal learning tools, which was hard, but in the end, pretty cool, since every single one accomplished.



Some used Compass and Bookmarks, some invented their own educational activities. For many it was their first workshops, for many it was their first workshop in the international atmosphere, for some it was their first time at Erasmus Plus project.


Choose of 3 heroes/heroines and think of their features. A group facilitated by Mayranush, Elene, Maxime chose to work on deconstructing stereotypes - based on what we build them and why we do we tend to select certain people based on certain criteria? It was pretty interesting to feel the multicultural differences during this activity and also human perceptions - why would they chose Mother, King Tamar or People Who No One Remembers as heroines. People loved the topic and activity and 50 min time flew like 15.




Marketa was a participant of that group and she was the one, whose hero/heroine were those people who no one remembers. While debriefing, she said that our perception of heroes and heroines focus on people who are famous and who succeeded. They can be admired for their courage, outstanding career, etcetera. Many people are forgotten and do not get a chance to become someone's heroine.


So she made sure there's a place for them.






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