e-Fellowship Vol.1

July 16, 2019


We asked Parvin Aghayeva and Nino Tetrauli, fellows from Azerbaijan and Georgia to tell us about their experience of the last few days of #CAUCAN job shadowing.


We learned, that they tried some innovative technological tools during their stay in Normandy. They both believe that those tools can be successfully launched in human rights education and make it even more accessible.



''During today, the participants and fellows went to the trip to the William the Conqueror’s Castle in Falaise. At the entrance of the Castle, we were given tables to discover the virtual reality like how was the castle in the medieval period and we had an opportunity to take memorable group photos and explore Falaise.'' - Says Parvin and smiles.



Our fellows visit an organization Canope, were they were introduced to the several digital tools that could be useful for the upcoming developing projects:

- they were introduced to the QR codes and how they are designed,

- setting up a radio station or broadcasting a podcast,

- VR technology,

- how apps are developed, etc.


After being introduced to the new tools, the participants divided into 5 groups (per project) started working on the projects of following topics: immigration, cyber security, cyber bullying, environmental issues and the fellows had a chance to observe, share experience, give own opinions and advice.


''It was an amazing opportunity to learn about using digital tools in HRE, how it can make HRE more interesting and easily accessible,'' - says Nino, a fellow from Georgia and chuckles.






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