Cultural Meeting Point in Szeged…

My first EVS (ESC)…

First experience of exchange program…

First traveling in Hungary…


Expectations were high, but the reality was better ^_^


Beautiful country, great city, very friendly organization and people.

And of course task –I don’t know how can I find better task for me, it was connected to my interests, my profession, and my experience as well.



Our (I mean me and second volunteer, who was from Azerbaijan) task was to introduce our countries culture in educational spaces. We were making presentations and also studying how to do good presentations, how to be self-confidence and etc. First and one of the main presentation was in Office of “Talentum Alapitvany” (our organization).




My presentation continued almost 40 minutes, I decided to take small parts from every point of country life…

1.       First was, of course, small introduce of country, general basic information like is population, religion, language and alphabet.

The first step was included also small basic tasks like is how to pronounce Hello (Gamarjoba)  in Georgian language, and etc…

2.       The second step was already a historical part. I show them the history of Georgia since Argonauts, till nowadays. 

3.       After was culture, which, I think that was the most interesting part for guests. Georgia as a country is a little bit exotic for Hungarian people because it is mysterious with a mix of European, Asian and Caucasian culture. Highlighted topics in my presentation were – Georgian wine, dances and songs.

4.       After this was tourism and landscape of Georgia.

After the presentations, we had a traditional dinner. I made for them same Georgian traditional food like are- Khachapuri, Eggplant with nuts, Lobiani,, Gozinaki, Churchkhela, Jonjoli, Mchadi and etc. :D and I don’t have to forget Georgian wine and Chacha as well ^_^.


Except office, we were making presentations at universities, dormitories, libraries, schools, and cultural clubs as well. Presentations were not for only young people, sometimes our guests were elderly persons. They were listening to us with more interests.


This time is unbelievable for me not just of education. Szeged has an amazing location; it is very close to the border of Romania and Serbia, because of this there were many opportunities for me to travel. Just in two months, I saw six countries become more self-confident, met and become friend with new people, learn many new things from different cultures and etc.

The last days were very, very sad for me. I had a feeling that I left my second home… just in two months, this city become so familiar for me ☹





If you have a chance to go to Szeged, don’t think… GO, GO…. You will love this city.








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