Cultural Meeting Point in Szeged - Vol.2

In my first blog, I talked why ESC was so important for me and I mention that it was very good time for me. Now I will talk about my education and abilities, which I improve there.


So first and the most important for me from this project was that I improve my English language skills. Most important is that the Task of the project was connected with my profession also, so I improved my English skills in this field, what I wanted.  One what I have to mention is, that I know some basic words in Hungarian language too, for me is not a problem to go shopping there and ask some question for people. I didn’t use my mother language for a communicational reason, but I was using Georgian words for presentation. So, people around me already know some important words in Georgian language. Also important was, to show locals, unique alphabet of Georgian people, also teach some of them art of the letters. It was really nice and helpful for me too.


During the project, I had a relation with all kind of people. For example, kids, children with special needs, students, elderly people and etc. I realized how important is to be a volunteer for a person (for me) and for the local community. I develop my personal skill of communication, trying to take and understand every note. I spend some time children with psychological problems and discover some new skill in me. discover what means be a civil activist and what can you gave to other people from you and also, I how they can make you self-confidence.


I was doing various cultural activities with the disabled young people also and learned to appreciate the importance of the creative expression of emotions, ideas, and experiences. I was shearing the culture of my country with the local community and realized how interesting is to talk about your own experience from cultural views and also learn about new cultures. In this process I improve some digital abilities, for example I was using Prezi, what was a big discovery for me. In academic field presentations are always required, So I need them every time. Now I know how to use Prezi, I used it already many times, and I think it is the best free presentation maker online.


And the last one, what I have to mention _ ESC was important for me, because now I am going to share my experience as a volunteer and become part of the volunteering project in my country. I also want to share my experience with young people, to make them interested in volunteering and also share information about possibilities, how to become a member of ESC

All of them I mention in my youth pass as well, and I am so thankful of Erasmus + because of this opportunity ^_^.



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