Fellowship the Dutch way

August 5, 2019



The next step of #CAUCAN project was launched in Amsterdam and it recruited participants from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan once again. And yea, it was time for one more reunion. (not the last though!)



Let's see what the participants are telling about the week:


''The very first activity we were engaged in was the introduction of the job shadowing, the schedule for the whole week, expectations from the hosting organization. During the evening of the first day, we visited Mezrab, a well-known place in the local community, small, cozy space used by communities for story-telling. 


During the 2nd day of the project, in the first half of the day, we learned about the history of pride week from the professional guide, the history of LGBT community in the Netherlands and specifically in Amsterdam. The second half of the day was dedicated to making creative projects regarding the actual issues by the 3 groups (as the fellows were divided per country). 




On the third day we learned about co-housing, a.k.a social-housing when we visited the eco-friendly house that is currently occupied by activists while visiting we shared our thoughts and motivation for the job-shadowing, the outcomes we are aiming for and the main goals for our personal growth and development'' - says Nino from Georgia.



''Amsterdam tour was a very nice, useful and informative experience. First of all, it was another example of storytelling and our guide shared with us her personal story and talked about the city history. We have gained some information about Amsterdam, gay rights history and real problems in the 21st century'' - told us Mari, a fellow from Georgia.





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