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August 13, 2019

My volunteering experience in Poland was a true joy and happiness. I've gained tones of new information, skills and knowledge. It was very crucial for me to gain these soft skills in order to succeed in my career, now I feel more confident and believe in myself. 


Here is the short story that I wrote during the service: 


"What's next ? 

My Life?

Did you really think that I'm living with boring people ? Then you are wrong!!!

In one flat we are 6 girls, from 6 country, 6 languages, with 6 characters, 6 cultures and 6 noordinary minds. I'm happy that I'm living with them, I know that it's not easy to live in that situations, but I have feeling that I know them like years.. and do you know what ? - the most that I like in US is that we are doing everything together, like we are one team. The main slogan of Georgia is - ''ძალა ერთობაშია'', (meaning - the power is in unity). Yes, maybe we don't like something about each other, but the challenge is in it, to be understanding to each other, to say clearly what you think, to be sincere. This last thing is the most important thing in the world for me... and with time people are forgetting about it.

This one month was full of crazy days and adventures... we are learning how to live together, some of us learns how to cook, how to wash, how survive and so on :D but in it we all are together, standing strong to make steps. 

SO Wait for the stories, about our lives in another letters.




I think now it's time to write about Warsaw, about the city full of buildings and coldness...

You know Tbilisi is small city and different from Warsaw, the first it was really difficult to get used to this city, all the time I was talking and remembering Tbilisi, but do  you know what ? 

Doesn't matter, where are you, how cold is the weather or how far are you from your home place, if there isn't the sun you must to have your own, you have to find the way to make your living place like home, to make relationships clear and sincere... 


Warsaw is the city with many pains, which is studying to stand up after everything like us (people), on our ways we all try to find 'us' and keep going on despite of everything...

I believe Warsaw is the city of love 

Best wishes,

Do zobaczenia 💜"





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