Broadcasting Consensus, FactCheck and EduGames in CZ

September 28, 2019




The next step of #CAUCAN is in progress - Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian fellows have moved to Brno, where our partner organization Be International is hosting them. The fellows are shadowing the core team of Be International, having presentations, study visits and sessions about various things with a strong accent on media literacy, mass communication, and educational games, which are, by far, reeaally dope. 


It is very interesting, that right on the second day of the fellowship participants got acquainted with the concept of consensus as the tool of effective management. Fellows loved the idea of practical implementation of equality in the management. ''It was a perspective that it's possible for an organization to function without a director, but rather running it with the consensus. I have many ideas about this topic and I feel inspired and I think I will develop a workshop or activity about the topic'' - says Elene, a fellow from Georgia. 




Mari told us about gamification, which really is a THING at Be International. ''We have played two educational games regarding media literacy and had a chance to analyze the rules and possibilities of creating such games. These games were created by the participants of the EduGame workshop in
Estonia some weeks ago facilitated by our trainers. During this activity, we realized that everyone can create a
game and then share it with others. Through media literacy games We learned how to fight against fake news and propaganda by arguments and discussions.''




Gudrat told us a couple of words about implementing this learning experience in the youth work curricula. He especially appreciated the day when they visited Radio R broadcasting. ''During the creation of youth work curricula related to human rights, it is important to include communication skills. This can be face to face skills or communication via mass media such as radio. During the day I concentrated on these ways. I can apply them when I work with the younger generation.''




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