Performative arts and human rights come together in Tbilisi

October 29, 2019

How to draw synergies between facilitation, forum theatre and human rights-based education? How can we promote human rights through the medium of performative arts? Those are some of the big questions, put forward to the participants of Civil Stage – a multi-phased education project, which just started in Tbilisi.



The first phase, which will run from 25 October-3 November 2019, brought together educators, trainers and youth workers from 10 different countries – which include EU member states, as well as Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. The key aim of the project is to promote a universal culture of human rights and empower youth through non-formal education (and in particular, forum theatre).


This week, the participants will learn more about different facilitation techniques and exchange their own experiences in working with youth. During this time, they will receive practical tips – and on-going feedback – on how to communicate more efficiently and fine-tune their methods to human rights. The emphasis is on engagement, as well as practical solutions that could be easily applied to real-world scenarios.



The learning outcomes of these activities will be put to test in the next few days – when the group will be asked to put on a forum theatre-inspired play or performance. The programme also includes talks from activists and non-governmental organisations: Georgian Young Greens, Tolerance and Diversity Institute (TDI), Tbilisi Pride and International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR).


The project is supported by Erasmus+, and includes partner organisations from Armenia (Voluntary Service of Armenia), Belgium (DROA), Belarus (Developing Center for Efficient Communication, “Human Library”), Finland (MIILZA), Georgia (Youth Association DRONI), the Netherlands (Stichting Internationale Werkkampen), Russian Federation (Youth Assembly of Nations Living in Tatarstan), Spain (Ecocompartimos), Ukraine (Non-Formal Education for Youth) and the United Kingdom (Creative Communities CIC).



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