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November 1, 2019

The ADAPA Foundation is a basis for the Occupational Therapy Workshops aimed at persons with Autism and other developmental disorder. Occupational Therapy Workshops consist of seven Workshops: applied art, everyday life, informatics, miscellaneous, printing and graphics, social communication, and social independence workshop. The volunteer will be able to work directly with a therapist in Occupational Therapy Workshops, helping them in order to perform a safer therapy. By aiding therapists in their day-to-day work, the volunteer will have an opportunity to learn how the therapist's work looks and become acquainted with various challenges, obstacles, and risks that the therapist faces daily.


Sopio was working there for a year as ERASMUS + EVS volunteer from Georgia. Here is her story: 

" Working at ADAPA was a kind of challenge where I was involved in various activities. At the beginning of the project I tried to find out what my obligations were and at the same time I was able to observe activities, therapists and beneficiaries in the group.

There were several therapists in the center. For the group activities appropriate for them, these are: cooking activity, Printing, Computer Science, Bijouterie and Art Therapy Activities.

I had the opportunity for one month in each of them, to participate and finally have an exam that involved one full day of me leading the activities with the beneficiaries.

Besides, I volunteered once a week for our own activities. Thinking and practicing, which was a lot of work from a professional standpoint.

On Thursdays the center additionally provided therapy with autistic teens, in which I was actively involved. I was observing the therapist's methodology and as much as I was able to blog about it. These meetings showed me therapyAlternative ways and expanded my knowledge area."


Some Pictures from Events:

In Gdynia Social Welfare Home during this year's event entitled "Gourmand's Day - cuisines of the world", our European volunteers have made the time with their extraordinary dance performance as well as self-made treats from different regions of the world.
Our team also took care of contests with prizes, joint fun and integration of all guests. It was colorful, tasty and joyful! Girls, you are amazing 😊




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