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October 8, 2019

23-26 of September were unforgettable hiking days and nights in my life in the amazing Borjomi Kharagauli National park.


I had an experience of hiking alone or with friends or especially with groups, but this hiking experience was different. 

All feelings were accepted by me (body & soul) 🙂


When I am looking back at my notes that I did during the hike I am going back to that relaxed and comfortable mood that I had. 


The track was not so hard from the beginning. My body was exercised well. But after the first night something changed. I didn't sleep in our comfortable tent, counting hours and waiting for the first sunrise in that amazing forest. For watching the best sunrise view the group decided to go up to the highest place of that park 2070m. It was challenging…


Darkness, no one of our small group(5 ppl) hike there before, a lot of trails and ways to walk up but which was the right way we just guess. We had one compass, a map (yeaaas) and 3 boys (who were trying to use map and compass). Funniest part-we walk up far another, very close pick, and only after sunrise we saw the building (st. Andrew’s church). 


Sunrise was unbelievable: all the villages and closest mountains, and Caucasian mountains' line was shining with the first lights of the sunrise. A lot of emotions from the forest, strange sounds for my ear. That amazing sounds were from the special lovely Deers. ❤ 


Happy and energised for the next challenge. I thought that we will have more energetic and physical walk, but we had a very relaxing and silent walk, which helped me to go deep inside myself. To understand who I am, what I want and what I can give to this world... It was an amazing technique: forest and soul.


Second camping place was not so far. The group was like a big body who tried to be in balance with nature and with himself. Everything was organised and managed. We had a siesta day..and relaxing evening near the bonfire.

I started to think about our group facilitators and felt that "they are our inner voice" or parents, or something very important who is trying to organise and manage everything.


Third day!!! 

Not so easy trail. All the way down from the amazing forest to the riverside. The way DOWN was so long, that the group had to have many breaks for having rest. There were a lot of care, help, fun, extreme, Dasha's songs...

I was trying to give a good example and say some technics how to walk down without falling down. It worked.


The weather was in our side:  not so sunny, no rain, not too cold.

We want it or not, all the group were on the third  camping place. Very romantic, near the river, under the highest rocky mountains, close to the wild forest. It was getting dark. All the evening was full of mixed emotions: try to keep fire on, to make dinner, to have water for tea-coffee and to enjoy nature. 


Next morning was very fresh and came so soon. I couldn't realise that it was last camping morning and we had to gather and put everything back to our backpacks.

Last very sensitive and emotional game that I remember was "find your tree". It has a very deep impact on me.


Challenging factors were to put all the tents before sunset, gather wood and keep the fire on. To put everything+food in our backpacks and to do it every day.


The tastiest parts were breaks during the hike and dinner made on fire. 






I felt myself very important during reflections. 


What I did?

Tried to enjoy every moment. 

What did I learn?

To listen, to be involved, to cooperate, to pack and unpack my stuff every day 🙂 

What challenges I had?

To walk in the very dark night in Georgian forests, to pack and unpack my stuff every day, to put tent every day, to keep fire on, to be a part of the perfect group.

How was it managed?

Everything was managed in a very individual way.  Everyone was informed and included.

My general feeling about it?

All my feelings are full of fresh and happy moments, a lot of characters in our group gave colours and memorable moments. I've learned a lot from the meeting sessions and grow up intellectually & mentally.

Very excited to be a small part of that big group and project.


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